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Hello there, welcome to our website.
Our names are Alison & Eddie and we are located in central Scotland, breeding beautiful Somali cats for type and temperament. 
Kittens are sometimes available, but only to the most wonderful loving homes.
A more recent venture for us is the creation of unique solid wood cat furniture - a hobby of Eddies.
Alison's story....
It was only in recent years when my family grew up that I found I had some time available ( ...and some money...) to set off on a new adventure - showing and breeding semi long haired cats. An expensive hobby so far - but very rewarding in many other ways for a cat lover like myself!
I have made many great new friends in other cat breeders that I met at cat shows.  All mad about cats and with a similar goal - to produce wonderful kittens to breed standard, healthy and with winning temperaments.  Of course, some show winners along the way would be the icing on the cake! 
Then more recently, I met Eddie.....
Eddie's story..... 
Since meeting Alison I am now a cat fan and go along with her to the various cat shows around the country.   Then one day, initially for our own cat's use, I decided to use my artistic skills and love of making things to start creating cat furniture suitable for the house and the outside cat runs.  Then our cat friends saw these and wanted one, then word was out, and more requests came in....   
Each piece is unique, made from carefully selected driftwood, solid wood, e.g. oak & Scott's Pine.  They come in all shapes, sizes and prices..... and can be made to order....
So now when we are at cat shows & Alison is busy showing her cats I have a stall set up to sell my cat furniture.....purrrfect....
Our cats....
Our gorgeous Somali cats are pets first and foremost.  Their health and happiness is our first concern.  If they are ok about going to shows then great, if not, then they can stay at home and laze about on the cat trees..... 
We also have some Birman cats as well as Somalis, but concentrate on breeding and showing Somalis.
Cleo (Blue Somali), Cas & Tia (brother and sister, Red Tabby & Blue Tortie Tabby Birmans)
How can you contact us?
We live in Newton Mearns, Glasgow, in Scotland.  You can either contact us by e-mail via or telephone us at home on 0141 583 6027.  Alternatively you can text or call on our mobiles 07815 707443 (Alison) or 07817 141410 (Eddie)
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