Crrailiso Cats - We create hand crafted driftwood and oak cat furniture
Cat Trees in Their Forever Homes

The pictures below show our trees, hammocks and gyms in their new homes, many with their new owners 'onboard'.

Picture Ref H1 
 I think they all like their new tree and vying for the top platform

Ref  H3
Indoor tree with fur bucket

Ref  H5
A tall cat tree to help your cats survey all around your garden  and check out the neighbours gardens too!

Ref H7
Below is two of our trees place side by side to create this wonderful cat gym!  These were transported to Holland for a large family of British Short-hair cats and they love it!  Their human slave mummy made some fur covers for the platforms.

Ref H10
Below is part of our cat gym in the kitchen.  Its arranged so our cats cat go all round the top of the kitchen cupboards which are all carpeted.  They love to survey us when we are in the kitchen and quick to jump down when the cat food cupboard door gets opened....

Ref  H12
A lovely example of a 'chunky' style with fabulous driftwood uprights.

Picture Ref H2
This tree blends in well with the mature garden and looks natural in its surroundings.

Ref  H4
Built for a house full of Maincoon cats and they started to climb the tree the minute we placed it on the floor as you can see below. 

Ref  H6
One of our early trees build for a friend that breeds Birmans.  Kitten carefully checking out the tree below...

Ref H8
This one is in Edinburgh for a family of British Short-hair cats. Centre piece for the newly refurbished garden especially for the cats!

Ref H9
We also make fur hammocks, below is a double size version with our Somali cats enjoying a spot of sunshine (rare in Scotland!)

Ref H11
Gnarly uprights with A 'pebble' design

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